Catch 122

Ever since Dine Out Vancouver 2013, I’ve been itching to visit Catch 122! The rabbit cooked three ways was very intriguing. However, as expected, hippoCHAN was not pleased with preying on innocent rabbits, and guilted me out of it by showering me with cute bunny pictures. Oh well… that didn’t deter me completely from checking out Catch 122 though.

So when Fasha got off work last Saturday, he joined in my trek down to Catch 122. He had already eaten lunch, so he didn’t order anything too big.


The interior was so amazing! The building is over 100 years old, and the walls are made of the original bricks! There’s definitely a rustic feel to the restaurant, which parallels with the style of its food.

Brewed Coffee

Fasha started off with a regular Brewed Coffee w/ Refills ($2.75). They call it “wicked coffee,” but my dad thought it wasn’t robust enough.

Pulled Pork Poutine

Because Fasha had already eaten, he went with something small: Pulled Pork Poutine ($10) that was made with pork shoulder and applewood smoked cheddar.

The pork was salty. Fasha was convinced that they braised the pork for way too long. Since the main protein was messed up, the rest of the dish fell apart. Sure, it was moist… too bad it totally overwhelmed our tastebuds.

Also, at this price point, I’d much rather enjoy the Canadian Poutine at Oakwood!

On the bright side, our server was very friendly and offered to change the poutine for another. But my dad was already full, so we politely declined.

Braised Short Ribs Eggs Benedict

For some reason, we were only handed the Brunch menu… I was super looking forward to their lunch sandwiches! Oh well, I ended up choosing the Braised Short Ribs Eggs Benedict ($13) after much internal debate. Unlike Fasha’s poutine, this pork was very tasty as well as moist!

Instead of a traditional English muffin, Catch 122 serves up their eggs benny on a potato rosemary French sourdough. The centre of the bread had very nice flavour and soft texture, but the edges were quite difficult to cut through. Once I managed to sever its molecular bonds, the crust was enjoyable and slightly chewy.

Free Run Egg

The egg was cooked to perfection! No, they didn’t ask me how I wanted the egg to be cooked (like at Cora’s), and I’m so glad they didn’t. It was the perfect balance between cooked and runny. Usually, if it’s too runny, the yolk doesn’t have much flavour – cooking it fixes that.

The hollandaise sauce was subtle, which really allowed the other ingredients to shine.

Yukon Nugget Potato Hash & Yogurt

The Yukon nugget potato hash was well done, consistently cooked across the board. I also enjoyed their yogurt with blueberry sauce. It was a perfect way to end the meal: nice and light.

Final Bytes

  1. Menu has some hits and misses
  2. They use local free run eggs that are freshly picked weekly from Green as Grass Farm in Chiliwack
  3. I would probably come back because I do want to try their lunch sandwiches!

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  • Sea

    tried their veggie sandwich last time and it was really flavorful and delicious! I know you aren’t much of a veggie-wich type of guy, but theirs is definitely worth a taste !

    • Whatta yaaa talking about!? I eat veggie sandwiches all the time at the UBC deli :P I’ll definitely check out Catch 122’s, as well as their DUCK CONFIT sandwiches :)