After making an enormous omelette that couldn’t even envelope its fillings, Joanne and I headed downtown for mid-day dessert at Capstone Tea & Fondue! The meal was even sweeter because we had a Groupon: “For $12, you get fondue for two (up to a $24.95 value).”

The restaurant had a relaxing atmosphere as it was very open and bright. Also, I really liked their letter-textured wall, hence why I snapped a picture of it :)

After flipping through the menu several times, we ended up ordering the

Chocolate Fondue for Two

Assorted seasonal fruits
Daily featured pastry items
6 ice-cream truffles
Choice of 2 fondue toppings

Personally, I think this is the best option because if you’re like me (a fondue virgin), it’s nice to try some of everything :)

When the tray of dishes was set on the table, I turned googly-eyed… it looked amazing! There were:

  • FRUITS: Pineapples, strawberries, grapes, green apples, bananas
  • PASTRIES: Lemon pound cake, banana cake, and some cookies
  • ICE-CREAM TRUFFLES: Mango, matcha, and strawberry
  • TOPPINGS:  Almonds and crushed graham crackers
  • And of course, 56% semi-sweet Belgian chocolate kept warm and melty by candlelight.

What I really liked about this selection of dunkees was that the flavours were really balanced; the richness of the banana was counteracted with the tartness of the pineapple, for instance. Also, I was very pleased with the ice-cream truffles because they weren’t overly sweet at all, even when dripping with chocolate (my favourite was the mango!). As for the pastries, I was much more fond of the cakes than the cookies that didn’t exhibit any distinct flavours.

Snapshot of all that chocolately goodness coating a lemon pound cake :) YUMMMM!

Overall, this place is great for dates or even group gatherings! It wasn’t loud at all when we went. Service was prompt and friendly as well.

Final Bytes

  1. Don’t order the almonds, they’re too big to stay on the chocolate
  2. Seriously drown your dunkees because you have plenty of chocolate
  3. Order some hot water or tea to clean your palette throughout the meal

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  • Wow! All of that looks amazing! lol I happen to love food, also…but I really have to watch my portions because I tend to “over do it” at times! I love your photography and website by the way!

    • Foodobyte

      Yeah it can be quite hard to portion control when eating out! Luckily, this Fondue for Two was just right :) And the fresh fruits make the meal much lighter! Thanks for visiting! :D

  • I’ve only ever had the ice cream fondue! The lemon pound cake and the fruit looks really good though! I should’ve bought that groupon…

    • Foodobyte

      The ice cream was my favorite!!!! Though it’s always nice to have a mix :) haha don’t worry, I’m sure another groupon will come out ;p

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  • Hungry in Vancouver

    I want to go here right NOW!