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After a vigorous session of dragon boating, my friends and I decided to have a refuel lunch at Campagnolo on Main St.

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I ordered the Salsiccia, which was topped with fennel sausage, arugula, parmigiano reggiano and chilies. I also added some proscuitto.

The toppings and sauce were quite good, but…

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The bottom of the pizza was bitterly burnt. I should’ve sent it back, but it already took a while for the pizza to be served and I was absolutely famished.

PS. Sorry for the potato-quality photos… I was using my iPhone that day.

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  • LotusRapper

    You shoulda at least showed them the burnt parts and ask for a partial refund :-/

    • Good point… tho i’m not really used to complaining to servers… I think it’s ‘cos I grew up eating in Richmond LOL

      • LotusRapper

        LOL, yeah the typical Chinese style of service ….. plops dish on table, no eye contact, turns around walks away. That’s why I can get away with tipping $1 ;-)