It’s 5AM and I literally can’t fall asleep. There’s just something about editing papers that drives your brain into a relentless chase… For what? For that elusive hour of sleep that becomes even more unattainable as you get even more riled up. But I digress… I should be talking about the wurst sausages in Chinatown. No, not worst. WURST – the German sausage, now sold at Bestie. Read on to see how I ironically have a sausage fest with The Food Queen and Eating With Kirby (joke/pun credit to The Food Queen)!

Floating Chair

Boom! Chair on the wall. Why not? Have you yet to master the art of levitation? Get on it here:

Hipster Drinks

Hipster drinks all the way! Bestie’s got Spiffy Cola, Kiss, NuGrape and more. These bubbly sodas are so hipster that I’ve never heard of any of them.


Currywurst. Honestly, I can’t be the only one who thought that there would be actual curry.

Anyway, The Food Queen and I had ours made with the Classic Pork Thüringer ($8). Like all of the sausages at Bestie, this one is all natural (although I’m not quite sure what that means, since the term “natural” is not legally regulated). It had a medium-crisp casing that was slightly chewy. Flavour-wise, it was flavourful. How else am I supposed to describe it, besides the fact that it tastes like a savoury pork sausage… but you already knew that.

Okay, here’s the down low: very moist inside, yet not greasy. LOL, I just realized that it’s “low down” and not the reverse. The spiced ketchup was an absolute winner. It was sweet, but not sickly sweet, and well-seasoned.

Best of all, everything’s cut up for me so I can eat one-handed with that tiny Bestie-engraved fork.

Pretzel & Mustard

It’s a foodie’s unofficial duty to order as much food as possible, which was why I also ordered the Pretzel & Mustard ($3.5). There’s actually two mustard sauces: the dijon popped with sweet granules while the spicy horseradish one inflamed my nose.

The pretzel itself had a very hard exterior. I would’ve liked it softer so it would be less taxing on my jaw. Oh yeah, the pretzels are house-made.

Sausage & Sauerkraut

Kirby ordered the same sausage as me, but with stinky cheese sauce and a side of sauerkraut.

In spite of its off-putting name, the cheese was not stinky! It was quite mild and not overly viscous. It was just thick enough to coat whatever you’re dunking – not grossly synthetic like Cheez Whiz.

The sauerkraut was served warm, which mellowed out its characteristic acidity. I thought it balanced out the dish since you can bounce between savoury and sour.

Late Nite Sausages

If you’re craving some late night sausage, Bestie’s serving it up through a window until 3AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Final Bytes

  1. Great wurst! Haha, whatta oxymoron.
  2. Portion size of the wurst is quite small
  3. Holy crap, the sun is rising (5:29AM)!

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