After having a peppery lunch at Pepper Lunch, Kiely and I went to the newly opened Beard Papa’s that was only a few doors down. Sorry, no photos of the interior because the owner said it wasn’t allowed. Why? The place looked nice, so why not show it off? He was kind of a dong about me taking photos of my food too… he was said, “I guess I can’t really do anything about that” when I asked if I could photograph my cream puff. At that point, I didn’t even want the cream puff. But Kiely had already ordered.

IMG 5969

Kiely ordered some kind of pudding with a dirt-like mixture on top. There was also a sad, dehydrated-looking sliver of strawberry. And parsley. Who garnishes with parsley on a dessert?

IMG 5971

I didn’t know what I wanted yet, but that didn’t stop the server from hovering over me like a hawk. Pen and paper ready at hand. I appreciated the attentiveness, but it put way too much pressure on me. Whatever – I just defaultly picked the Matcha Cream Puff. Apparently, it’s 220 calories as advertised… Is that supposed to be healthy? Yeah, I wouldn’t want to know how many empty calories are in my dessert.

IMG 5974

I cracked into the chilled cream puff and was immediately disappointed. There was a small glop on matcha filling inside.

Matcha Cream Puff taken by Eating With Kirby

This was in stark contrast to the one that Eating With Kirby got! I guess my creampuff was much less than 220 calories.

On the other hand, I was okay with having less filling because it wasn’t that great anyway. It lacked matcha flavour, which didn’t help the fact that it was less sweet. So not worth the calories.

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  • Kirby

    wow!!! What a sad looking cream puff! Do you think they gave you something worse because they didn’t like the fact that you took pictures?

    Also, that pudding I think is a new trend going on called ‘potted dessert’ where it’s suppose to look like dirt and plants on top. Quite literally like a potted plant. LOL Weird but interesting.

    • I know!! SO SAD AND EMPTY! The guy probably did out of spite… =.=

      Ahhh… ic ic. Asian trends :P It’s interesting for sure, but parsley is still weird lol

  • Naomi Tse

    wow that is a stark contrast in filling =( I was planning on going today too but I want waffles maybe that’s better…

    • Yeah :( let me know how it goes if you do go!

  • cL

    Have you tried Chewy Junior’s?? Their Matcha one is really good!! A chewy exterior paired well with a smooth and creamy interior. Yummm :9

    PS. About the parsley.. They probably ran out of mint and thought no one would even notice :p Haaha. Did the pungent smell sink into the dessert??

    • Wow those look amazing! And it’s so close to Waterfront station!!! :D It shall be on my list now :)

      That’s ironic, because the parsley was the first thing my friend Kiely noticed LOL

      • Kiely

        Let’s be real though, I have a pretty keen eye when it comes do details on food. Let’s go try Chewy Juniors!

        • True true… :P we can go after our all american bfast place

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