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Baguette Vietnamese Bistro: Banh Mi & Saté Pho

Before heading to Che-licious that’s only a couple of blocks away, Grape and I started off our roving dinner at Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro.

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Just because of its name, we had to order banh mi, aka their Baoguettes. We got the Grilled Lemongrass Pork ($5.95) that was lined with pickled veggies, onions and cilantro. It tastes as you would expect, with each flavour standing its own yet not overpowering the others. The bread was okay; it could’ve been crispier on the outside.

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What stole the show for me was the Saté Pho with Beef or Chicken ($10.25). It was aromatic, heaty and coconut-y – it reminded me a lot of a flavourful thai curry.

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The meat portion could’ve been a bit larger, but I didn’t mind too much because the broth was so rich and the noodles were cooked amazingly. Must eat with spoon and chopsticks to ensure maximum enjoyment of broth and noodles.

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Overall, I liked Baoguette’s banh mi more than Che-licious. It was simple, but done right. But the dish that will have me coming back will be the Saté Pho pho sure.

Final Bytes

  1. Close by English Bay
  2. Open 11AM to 10PM daily
  3. Quick, cheap, tasty meals :)

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