Last night, mom suddenly wanted to have a family breakfast the next morning! This rarely happens, so good thing I didn’t miss it by sleeping in… all thanks to my dad who woke me up. Since we wanted to eat somewhere close to work, we went to ABC Country Restaurant in Richmond, right next to Yaohan Centre.

Farmer's Omelette

I was really craving eggs benny, but I also wanted pancakes… For some reason, I ultimately settled on neither! Instead, I ordered the Farmer’s Omelette ($11.95). Inside the omelette, there’s mushrooms, double smoked sausage and cheddar cheese. Beside it sat two slices of buttered multigrain toast and a bed of fresh red potato hash browns.

Farmer's Omelette Upclose

The hash browns were actually quite nice, much better than the typical frozen-and-then-fried hash. Although, I did wish that they were hotter.

Farmer's Omelette Inside

The omelette was massive! I can usually finish a 3-egg omelette without breaking a sweat, but this one was so stuffed with ingredients! The reason why I ordered this particular dish was because I really wanted to try the double smoked sausage. And… it wasn’t anything special. Rather, it was like a regular hot dog: salty with a chewy skin. Also, I found that the eggs were a tad overcooked since they were a little bit rubbery.

Nevertheless, it was a decent breakfast. I never really have high expectations for breakfast and brunch joints like these. Personally, I think I’d rather go to Cora’s, where the food and service is much more vibrant and exciting.

Final Bytes

  1. Lots of parking and located near Canadaline!
  2. I’ve tried their eggs benny, and it’s much better than their omelettes!
  3. The IQ game on the table is a good time-killer while you wait for your food, which isn’t long.

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